SPIHN provides compassionate, loving support with shelter, meals, and counseling services through a faith-based network to homeless families of Spartanburg County, by fostering and promoting growth for a successful transition to independence.

What you must do:

*Be a parent with children living with you

*Be drug and alcohol free

*Not have a history of violent crimes

*Be working or actively looking for work

*Be willing to help yourself to get your family back on its feet



SPIHN networks with religious congregations and social service agencies throughout Spartanburg County (SC) to provide temporary shelter, food and support to homeless families.


* shelter, meals and supportive services

* training in life skills, financial literacy and budgeting

* Spiritual Counseling and partners with agencies for clinical counseling

* parenting classes

*Assists in job and housing searches

Thank you for helping the homeless in Spartanburg through your donation. We are a 501 (c) 3 organization. To receive a tax credit letter for this donation, the information you provide through PayPal* must match the information on your South Carolina income tax return.

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