Guests are transported to a day center every morning, which is located in a facility provided by a downtown church.  At the day center, family members engage in daily activities.  For children, the activities include going to daycare or school.  Parents engage in different life-skills applications i.e. anger management, financial literacy; however, more instruction is needed to sustain an independent lifestyle.  The day center is also equipped for guests to look for employment and housing.


Host Congregations

About five times a year, for one week at a time, Host Congregations open up their churches and provide overnight lodging, meals (supper, breakfast and a bag lunch) and hospitality.  Hosting rotates among the ten to thirteen Host Congregations in the Network, which provide lodging for up to four families (up to fourteen individuals) from 6:00pm to 7:00am the next morning.


Volunteers are the heart of SPIHN; without them, it cannot exist.  Volunteer involvement and commitment enables more families to be sheltered at a minimal cost, which assists to expand the aspects of the program.  Community support also shows guests that they are genuinely cared for.

Volunteers of all ages, talents, and available time have an opportunity to provide a variety of services:

* Host Congregation planning and coordinating

* Cooking and serving meals

* Playing with the children or helping them with homework

* Staying overnight at the host church

* Guest room setup and take down

* Transportation

* Provide emergency assistance as needed

* Day Center support services

* Serving as a SPIHN Board of Trustee


Beyond all of these services, volunteers interact with the guests, treating them with nonjudgmental respect, responding with compassion and providing a source of hope.

If you would like to volunteer please email or call SPIHN.