Our mission at SPIHN is to help homeless children and their families become self-sufficient.

Our vision is to make homelessness a temporary phase in the lives of families who are touched by this organization.

SPIHN is an affiliate of Family Promise (formerly the Interfaith Hospitality Network) which has over 190 networks spread across the United States.

Website: www.familypromise.org


Why We Exist:

Families are the fastest growing segment of homelessness.  Families with young children now account for more than 40% of Spartanburg County's homeless.  Our goals are A) to help families break the cycle of homelessness and B) to provide opportunities for volunteers to help alleviate stress caused by homelessness.


What We Do

We provide essential life skills education with the intent to break the cycle of homelessness and we provide opportunities for volunteers of all faiths to reduce homelessness and transform lives.  SPIHN offers various programs such as Life Skills, Clinical Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, Neighbors Helping Neighbors housing program, BREAK (Being Responsible, Educated And Knowing key and Christian values)The Cycle life skills program for children and after care case management.