The Benefits of SPIHN


  • More than 70% ensure permanent housing.  63% remain self-sufficient and do not become homeless again.

  • Intensive case management by the SPIHN Director and Case Manager assist in housing and job searches and in meeting other needs.

  • Safe, home-like lodging where families can stay together.

  • Teaching life skills.


for our community

  • Cost-effective mobilization of existing community resources.

  • Assists homeless families for about 1/3 the cost of public programs.

  • SPIHN becomes a catalyst for other community initiatives, such as job counseling, parenting workshops, and transitional housing.

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for our volunteers

  • Opportunity to make a difference in their own community.

  • Opportunity for families to volunteer together.

  • Range of volunteer jobs fits varying schedules, talents, and commitment levels


for our congregations

  • Informs, energizes and motivates congregations

  • Offers meaningful family-centered local outreach

  • Offers interfaith partnerships