Programs and Services


Day center

Guests are transported to a day center every morning, which is located in a facility provided by a downtown church.  At the day center, family members engage in daily activities.  For children, the activities include going to daycare or school.  Parents engage in different life-skills applications i.e. anger management, financial literacy; however, more instruction is needed to sustain an independent lifestyle.  The day center is also equipped for guests to look for employment and housing.


SPIHN offers our families spiritual counseling with a dedicated Chaplain.  The Chaplain meets with the families twice a week to discuss their spiritual needs.  On call 24 hours, seven days per week, the Chaplain works with the families to meet all their spiritual needs.


SPIHN is now able to offer our families clinical counseling.  In collaboration with Emerge Family Therapy, our families are receiving much needed clinical counseling.  This program is offered while the families are in the SPIHN program and for three months after they transition our of the program.



SPIHN offers our families intensive case management.  Using a dedicated Case Manager, our families receive life skills training, budgeting and finance, employment readiness, housing opportunities, education preparation, instruction on sustaining an independent lifestyle, parenting, as well as making sure that they are receiving all services and resources available for them.  In addition, the SPIHN Case Manager is a Benefit Bank facilitator which allows SPIHN to process applications for Food Stamps, FI (Family Independence) and Medicaid.

Aftercare Management

Once our families transition from the SPIHN program into permanent housing, the SPIHN staff continues to work with the families to ensure that they remain independent and sustainable.  After care includes but is not limited to help in navigating sources, budget planning and, most often, words of encouragement.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors housing program is a subsidized housing program for graduated SPIHN guests. Once the family has found a place to live, SPIHN can help with monthly subsidy with the continued intensive case management practices used by the case manager by meeting on a bi-weekly basis. Qualified families can save a portion of their rent for up to one year.