Our Team

Beth Rutherford
Executive Director

Beth has been involved with SPIHN since September of 2005.  Initially a volunteer at her church, Beth continued to work with SPIHN, gaining employment in August of 2007.  Starting in administration, then becoming Case Manager, and finally, Director in 2010, Beth has worked with a majority of the SPIHN families.  She has also been involved in working with many of the homeless population either through the nationwide homeless Point In Time Count as well as the Upstate Stand Down for homeless veterans.


Case Manager

Misty Dillard is the SPIHN case manager.  Misty also started as a volunteer for SPIHN through her church and worked well with the families.  As the case manager, she  works with the family to ensure that they are receiving all of the resources available for them.  Using intensive case management practices which includes life skills, financial literacy, employment readiness, budgeting and housing, Misty uses these practices to realize the SPIHN vision of making homelessness a temporary phase in the lives of our families.  


Tommy Hylemon

Tommy's contribution to SPIHN includes arriving by 7:00 a.m. each weekday and Sunday mornings to transport the guests as well as provide other transporting needs.  These needs might include medical appointments, school, employment, as well as transporting the families back and forth to the congregations.


Pastor Rich Lancaster and his wife, Lisa
SPIHN Chaplains

SPIHN employs a dedicated Chaplain to help our families on their Spiritual Journey, if they so desire.  The Chaplain works the adults and the children using bible study and counsels the family directing them on their Christian path.